Inventors and manufacturers of road tanker equipment for fuel oil deliveries 

At MechTronic, we provide metering and gauging systems for the road tanker market and have established ourselves as a market leader in the UK within our first decade of business.  

Founded in 2004 by industry experts and employees with over 100 years of combined road tanker experience, MechTronic is widely regarded as the industry innovator in the UK for designing fuel discharge systems. 

Quality that is built in Britain and internationally renowned 

During 2007 we were the first UK tanker equipment supplier to achieve the new European MID metrology standard allowing the sale of MechTronic tanker metering systems in Europe. This accolade was further enhanced in 2008 by successfully gaining accreditation to the quality standard of ISO 9001. 

Durability, robustness, and serviceability are essential ingredients in the design of every MechTronic system. We design our products in the knowledge that they will face extreme conditions and that your business depends on their reliability. 

MechTronic is already supplying tanker equipment into several territories such as South Africa, Ireland, and mainland Europe, with some of our components supplied under license across the globe. 

We continue to recognise our customers’ needs around the world and respond with inventive and cost-effective solutions. Our willingness to be flexible and tailor solutions to meet local requirements have been critical in establishing ourselves as an accomplished exporter. 

The Mechtronic range includes the following products:

  • Ancillary systems
  • Components
  • Spares
  • Complete systems