The Narrowtex Group consists of three companies all involved in the industrial textiles market.

Webbing Products is the South African leader in the manufacture of light to heavy industrial webbings.
The product range includes:
  • Lifting Webbings

  • Tie-down/Lashing Webbings

  • Military and Tent Webbings

  • Safety Harness Webbings

  • Motor Vehicle Restraint Webbings

  • Electrical Tapes, and

  • Numerous other speciality industial webbings
Webbing Products is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and exports its products into Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

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Narrowtex is a leader in the manufacture of high quality industrial narrow fabrics.
The product range includes:
  • Strapping

  • Lashing

  • Automotive Restraint Webbing

  • Curtain Tapes

  • Bonded Strapping, and

  • Polypropylene Webbing
Narrowtex is based in Escourt in South Africa and exports its high quality product to over 20 countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Australasia.

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National Braiding Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial cords and ropes.

NBI offer an extensive range of braided, twisted and knit/braided cords and ropes for a diverse range of industries including:
  • Footwear - Shoelaces and Mocassin thread

  • Clothing Cords

  • Furniture - Piping Cords

  • Blinds - Blind Cords

  • Garage Door Braid

  • Liquor - Decorative Trims and Braids

  • Parachute Cords

  • Tent Cords

  • Height Safety and Rescue Ropes
NBI's primary markets are Southern Africa and Australasia.

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