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IFC Inflow

IFC Inflow has developed and pioneered the use of bottom loading skids for road tankers operating in the Authorised Distributor market. The company’s very first unit was built in 1994, since when IFC has expanded into different types of tanker loading, as well as fuel bunkering and tanker safe access. The company also works in the food, beverage, powder, pharmaceutical, rail, and marine sectors. 

The oil and petroleum distribution sector is IFC’s largest market, followed closely by chemical and petrochemical distribution.  


Since 1987 IFC Inflow has been designing, building, & selling loading arms, folding stairs, tanker access gantries, fall prevention equipment, & tanker loading skids. We also sell a number of key complementary products, including bulk flow meters, high-speed transfer pumps, depot automation equipment, dry disconnect couplings & swivel joints. Now, IFC Inflow has become one of the largest Liquid Loading & Safe Tanker Access Specialists in the UK and Ireland. 

The IFC range includes the following products:

  • Safe Access Platform Systems
  • Top & Bottom Fuel Loading Arms
  • Oil Distribution Loading Skids
  • Fuel Flow Meters & Dispensers
  • Depot & Terminal Automation